New Work – The Old Man and the Sea

This is the latest in a series of new personal, self-assigned projects based on subjects that I’ve always wanted to Illustrate.  The Old Man and the Sea is by far my favorite book, ever since it was given to me years ago by artist Jeff Dikio. I remember it being very difficult for him to part with the book, and after falling in love with it I realized why and felt honored to receive a gift that keeps giving.

As I mentioned, I’ve always wanted to Illustrate a cover for the book, so decided to take a crack at exploring some of the emotional themes that resonate with me when I read it.

2 responses to “New Work – The Old Man and the Sea”

  1. Thomas, I really like how this turned out. I’ve never read the book (will have to add it to the list if its that good!) but the illustration looks great. It looks like it’s done with a scratchboard but also lit up with backlit neon or something. It would definitely catch my eye on a shelf.

  2. Thanks Chris. I enjoyed working in this way, and I’ll be doing more self-assigned projects like this in the future.

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